„It’s possible to go
from trainee to leader.“

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Stefan G. comes from Leiblfing and has been employed since his training at MOLL, firstly in the predecessor company, and since 2011, at today’s MOLL Automatisierung GmbH. He started training as a mechanical engineering mechanic in 2000. His superiors encouraged him to go from assistant, through project manager in fixed construction, to the designer. Today, he works as a project responsible designer/layout artist.

„The threads are coming together for me.“

As a layout designer, I’m part of the design department and come into play early on in the project. I work closely together with the respective project manager, have a lot of customer contact, and am involved in the technical design of a conveyor system from the beginning. One of the main tasks is the creation of the layout, the complete overview drawing of the plant, which has to be coordinated with the planning department of the respective customer. For more complex tasks, several designers often simultaneously work together on each project; here it is my job to co-develop unified designs, assemblies, and parts, and to coordinate the project team together with the construction management. Keeping to the schedule is equally important so that the resources of our production can be planned and controlled in a timely manner. Within the design department, flexible teams are used to best meet specific challenges and to be able to distribute new assignments according to their respective competences.

„I'm a newcomer.“

The classic way into the construction or layout design is generally through mechanical engineering study, if anything. It wasn’t like that for me. I learned a trade requiring formal training and worked as a technician fitter, also internationally, e.g. in the USA, in South Africa and in other European countries. The management at the time encouraged me to undertake the master craftsman training. Later on, I then changed to the office and was first responsible for manageable projects in fixed construction, before transferring to design. In the first years I acquired know-how through the growing tasks and with the help of my colleagues. The fact that I went through so many departments in-house and was able to gain so much experience on the construction sites on site was certainly the best “training on the job”. But there are also various training courses if you want to remain as interesting for your employer as the job is for you.
Maschinenbau Moll

„We have many executives from our own ranks.“

The middle management at MOLL is heavily recruited from within its own ranks. This also explains the special loyalty and team spirit in the company. “Familial”, “flat hierarchies”, these sound like empty phrases, but really are true for us. There are so many young people crowding the universities today. From my own experience, I can recommend first doing an apprenticeship. Our education system is penetrable in all directions and offers so many possibilities – if you use your opportunities and remain open to further development!
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