„Contact with the customer
is my motivation.“

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Andreas S. is a sales employee at MOLL. That was not always the case, however. When he took up work at MOLL back in 2008, he first completed his apprenticeship as a precision mechanic. A path across multiple stations eventually brought him to the sales team at MOLL. Today, he is at the front lines when customers are to be won and new orders to be acquired.

„All the way to Mexico and back again.”

Moll Mitarbeiter Andreas S. / Sales & Vertrieb

I have already passed through several stations here at MOLL. It all started back in 2008, when I first trained as a precision mechanic. Following that, I worked in final assembly.

I have had the opportunity to support commissioning of our machines and plants worldwide. My furthest journey during that time took me to Mexico. It was an exciting time and a great experience. I worked with the customers on site even back then.

Even then, I enjoyed the close and personal work, e.g., when discussing details of the plants with the people who were going to operate them.

„MOLL listens to what their employees want”

In 2015, I was asked if I would like to switch to work preparation (Arbeitsvorbereitung; AV). It seemed like an attractive next step to me at the time. I also completed further training as a mechanical engineer back then, expanding my knowledge and gaining some new experience. I was missing the customer contact, however. That led me to approach my supervisors, asking to switch to sales. My request was received well. Soon thereafter, I went to my first customer appointment – of course accompanied by an experienced colleague.

„Young people need space to develop.”

All in all, I have to say that MOLL truly has been very flexible in responding to my requests for development and change. That is a great advantage, in particular for young employees like me who still need to find the right path for them. MOLL opens doors and gates. My first impression of distribution after these first few months is that it is precisely where I should be. Of course, I have a mentor by my side who visits customers with me. That is also how I can properly learn about what things are important. Apart from this, preparation of quotations, clarification of technical framework conditions, clarification of delivery times, and many other aspects are also part of the work in our sales and distribution department. It is a versatile job. I have the advantage of having installed plants myself before. It means that I know what I’m talking about. I was told that it would take about two years to become a full distributor. I’m definitely doing that now! It’s also a lot of fun.

„Actual contact feels good again after the Coronavirus time.”

I think it’s good to go back to more personal contact with our customers now. Things were different during the Coronavirus times, when everything was done virtually. Interpersonal relationships are irreplaceable after all! That applies to working colleagues as well. I just like the atmosphere here at MOLL. Some of my colleagues are people I even went to school with. Social occasions, going out for a beer in the evening – that’s all part of it for us. We basically are one big family. It feels very good.’
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