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Theresa R., is a trainee in construction. Actually, a male domain, but that’s nothing new for the 22-year-old, who grew up with two big brothers. Barbie dolls were never her thing, as she says. Even today, she prefers to go kart racing in her free time than shopping. Here she gives insights into her trainee daily life.
Azubi Moll

"I wanted to go my own way."

Even if I head in the technical direction like my brothers, I did not want to get going in the same company, but make my own way. Now I am in my second year of apprenticeship, go to the vocational school in Straubing, and have already learned a lot about planning and construction, about different materials and their processing. Freehand sketches without erasers are also part of the training, which is not all that easy!

"Step by step you are introduced to real projects."

Parallel to the vocational school, I get to know the very specific work processes at MOLL and familiarize myself with the software programs that I need for my design work. Now that the basic training is finished, I can also participate in real projects and construct the first smaller parts. Of course, the supervisors inspect and say what I can do better. It is nice that the supervisors and the trainers take the time to explain everything; there is always someone there, even for general questions and problems. Overall, there’s five of us apprentices here in construction, the team is a good mix of ages, I would say.
Ausbildung Kontruktion
Ausbildungspätze Moll

"Full concentration is demanded!"

Currently, I am working on a four-column lifting station and must place a locking jaw. This is a kind of backup, so that transported material doesn’t enter during loading and unloading. Here, there’s a lot to think about. Legal standards, customer wishes and occupational safety. Even small errors can have big consequences and cause a collision or the stoppage of the whole line. That means a lot of responsibility! But that’s exactly what also excites me.

"I can see the results of my work."

Daily life is, of course, completely different to being at school. But I find that fun. I’ve gotten used to working fully concentrated for eight hours. The advantage is that the parts we construct are also manufactured directly at MOLL. So you can go into production during the lunch break and pick up the finished product. When I’m done with the training, I definitely want to do my technical training, to immerse myself deeper into the job. But one after another! For now, I’m concentrating on my graduation next year.
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