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Specialist & leadership

Thomas B. completed an apprenticeship for industrial mechanics as a young man, and then took on a vocational baccalaureate diploma. Today he is responsible for the design area at ROFA-LEHMER and deals with many noteworthy customers from the automotive industry in international project business. His team currently comprises 30 members of staff, and each order is overseen by its own design team.

Führungskräfte - ROFA-LEHMER

„Professional and personal development is crucial to me.“

As a native of Baden-Württemberg, I did my training with an automotive group in Stuttgart in my younger years. A good time, but I wanted to develop myself more, and so I studied at the mechanical engineering polytechnic. This opened the doors to the area of design, first at Lehmer, and then at its successor company, ROFA-LEHMER, starting in 2006. Over several career moves, I’ve risen from group leader to the general manager of design. In this role, I’m the point of contact for all teams, use my experience to help them along in ongoing projects, and even travel out of the country sometimes, as we have customers around the globe.

„An environment that appreciates initiative.“

I like the freedom to make decisions that you have at a medium-sized company like ours, in comparison with a corporation. It gives you the chance to bring your own ideas to life so that you can solve some of the highly specific problems that customers have. Every plant is 100% custom designed, which means our job has plenty of variety. The nice thing about this level of autonomy is that you can really consider your success your own and your team’s. On the other hand, it means you have to take responsibility for your own issues during critical times, but that’s just part of the job!
Führungskräfte - ROFA-LEHMER
Führungskräfte - ROFA-LEHMER

„Many inter-group projects.“

The ROFA Group includes other companies besides ROFA-LEHMER, each of which has its own clearly laid out area of expertise. Together, we’re able to meet a wide range of customer needs, which is a huge competitive advantage. At ROFA-LEHMER, we specialize in floor conveyor systems, others primarily manage the upper transport layer, some with electric monorail conveyors. There are a few projects that we work on in conjunction with the group. A project leader who “wears the hat” is assigned, with the design manager and electrical project manager on hand to help them. A lot happens over digital coordination and web conferences in day to day business, but we see each other in person at regular intervals. It’s good for the project, and also helps you grow together better and feel like you’re achieving more as a group.
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