We bring movement
to industry 4.0.

BSS Bohnenberg GmbH and its partner companies combine technological knowledge with proximity to customers. No matter how complex the challenge: We find the right solution and help our customers take a decisive step forward in their productivity, flexibility and quality.

Our core values

Our roots are in the economically strong region of North Rhine-Westphalia, but our business activities now lead us all over Europe.
We are proud to have taken this path. A strong sense of togetherness and solidarity with the region still characterize us today. They form the basis for sustainable growth under our own control.

A secure workplace and fair remuneration are the prerequisites that allow individual performance to thrive. We offer every employee the opportunity to contribute his or her ideas, regardless of position or title.


“If something already exists, we make it better. If something doesn’t exist yet, we create it.”
This motto applies more than ever in the times of industry 4.0 and digital change. We remain open to change and actively shape the future.


If you really want to make a difference, you first have to listen and understand.
We immerse ourselves deeply in our customers’ processes and always act according to their needs. As long-term partners, we pave the way for their success.


We are known for our hands-on mentality.
We lead customers to their solution as quickly as possible and ensure that projects are implemented quickly and with impeccable quality.


Only satisfied employees stay. We create an environment in which everyone can feel comfortable with social, health and retirement-specific added values.

Occupational pension schemes

You would like to do something to improve your future pension provision. We think that’s great and are happy to get involved. Each employee receives a monthly allowance to provide for him/herself and his/her family.

Recreation & activities

Regelmäßiger Sport tut gut und schafft einen Ausgleich zum Job. Rückenschmerzen & Co machen sich gar nicht erst bemerkbar, wenn man regelmäßig etwas für sich tut. Eine kleine Motivationshilfe für Sie: Als unser Mitarbeiter trainieren Sie in einem nahe gelegenen Fitness-Studio zum extragünstigen Tarif und können dort alle Einrichtungen uneingeschränkt nutzen.

Bicycle rental

Why always a company car? We have introduced an innovative bicycle rental model that has been very well received. You get best conditions on a bike and can use it to get to work as well as in your free time to explore the surroundings.

Flexible working hours

Wir pflegen beste Beziehungen zu vielen Unternehmen und auch gastronomischen Einrichtungen in der Umgebung – davon profitieren Sie! In Form von diversen Rabatten und Vorzugspreisen, die Sie als ROFA-Mitarbeiter erhalten. So bekommen Sie z.B. 10% Rabatt in verschiedenen Gaststätten.

Continuing education

Improve your computer skills with BSS! Experienced trainers come to our office and offer courses tailored to your level, with group and individual training. In addition, you will also benefit from further training measures.

Parking spaces

The beginning of your work day should be relaxed and should not start with a search for a parking space. On our company premises in the Ahrstrasse in Solingen there are sufficient parking spaces for all employees. This means you can start a productive day stress-free.
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