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Jan H., 37, has been a software developer at MLR System GmbH since 2013. Due to the increasing automation of plants, software-related process planning is more and more coming to the fore. Customers as diverse as medium-sized companies, automotive groups, but also organizations such as hospitals now need individual solutions. This is exactly what Jan H. develops together with his team.

"I have turned my programming passion into a career."

I am a real newcomer. I originally studied electrical engineering, but my enthusiasm for programming was just stronger, so I took the plunge into the cold water. When I joined the company in 2013, I had to learn a lot through learning by doing. I found it great that MLR gave me the chance to go down this path. I have never regretted it, on the contrary: Our customer spectrum is diversified and the tasks are correspondingly varied.

"Coordinating control is the brain of every facility."

I am in the department that’s responsible for the field of coordinating control. This is where all the threads come together, because a modern, automated warehouse or production hall places high demands on the software control: Goods have to be transported from A to B, jobs have to be processed according to priorities, everything has to be ready in time for delivery and run like clockwork. This requires the perfect interplay of many components. The traffic control of the automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) is one of them, process safety is important, elements of the periphery such as signal systems or photoelectric barriers have to be integrated – and so much more. This is the only way to maximize efficiency. To this end, programming know-how alone is not enough. It’s basically about developing a technical storage strategy. For this you should dive deep into customer-specific needs. Every solution by us is tailor made.

"The working atmosphere is good – and flexible!"

Just as our customers are constantly evolving, so do we. We are currently standardizing our own processes in order to use synergies from projects. What’s more, our department is getting closer and closer to the customer. So we are by no means the “nerds” who only act in the background! This creates great prospects for future colleagues, some of whom we might need. Of course we also offer something. What I still extremely like even after many years, is the pleasant working atmosphere and collegial interaction. You can always find an open ear, whether with your supervisor or if you need support from colleagues. That is worth a lot and everything else for granted.
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